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premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

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What makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever. What makes it precious is that it ends. I know that now more than ever. And I say it today of all days, to remind us that time is luck. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life, fight for what matters to you, no matter what. Because even if you fall short, what better way is there to live?”

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You want a stealth mode.

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You have such a huge fan base and it’s such an interesting show. Do your fans ask you for anything unusual? It being such an unusual show.

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alternatively if someone asks you what you did today just grimly look down at your hands and say “something I should have done a long time ago…”

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There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind

— (via bl-ossomed)

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Why this one? Why did I choose this face? It’s like I’m trying to tell myself something, like I’m trying to make a point. But what is so important that I can’t just tell myself what I’m thinking? 

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